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Builders Without Borders of Texas, Inc., is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping others help themselves by assisting with food, housing, education, and medical services to disadvantaged people locally and around the world.
Where do we take teams?
Currently, we lead teams to Mexico, Haiti, to work on local projects in the Houston area, and emergency disaster relief all over the United States.

Who can make a team?
Churches, corporations, schools, civic and community leaders are a great start to putting together a team.

Why go on a trip?
Get out of your comfort zone. Then watch what happens. Watch lives be changed. It will likely transform you and your perception of the world. It could help you see the big picture. You could begin to see things like God sees them. God sees the big picture, the entire world. We often are limited to our own communities and may tend to think that our little world is all that God has to care about.

Many people who go on trips see real suffering. They see how many people in those circumstances still have hope. When they return, they stop complaining about how hard life is for them and become more thankful for what they have and more hopeful for the future.

You will have the opportunity to use the unique gifts and talents that you alone possess (even if you don't even yet know what those are)! A trip can help you discover who you were created to be. Many volunteers come back from their experience and say they have evolved as a person. In most cases, volunteers become more concerned and aware of the problems facing the world. Often, they become more independent, more adventurous, and more confident.

Why go with a team?
Making friends with other volunteers is a strong motive for many of those who choose to volunteer. Many volunteers make lifelong friendships that come from working through difficulties and exploring new things together. By working with others, you often learn more about yourself. Besides, it's fun!

Volunteering together can be a great team building activity for your group.

What will your team do?
Your team can do construction, repair, painting, medical care, dental care, visions clinics, gardening, Vacation Bible School, and more. If you have other ideas for things that your team has the talents and skills to do that can help, please let us know. We would love to work with you however we can.

Haiti Trip Specifics

Mexico Trip Specifics

The specifics of local and disaster relief trips will be posted as the needs occur.
By being part of a team, you will help change a life... and it just might be yours!