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In 2009, Friendswood Community Church partnered with us and built a mobile medical clinic to serve the people of Mexico. The clinic was completed and sent to Mexico in early 2010. This facility is complete with bay doors and an outdoor waiting area for patients. Doctors and dentists are invited to utilize the clinic to provide medical care free of charge to those who need it. The clinic is housed in Reynosa and is equipped to travel to other areas. It is complete with living quarters (sleeping, kitchen, bathroom), a dental exam room, medical exam room, reception area, air conditioning, and lights powered by dual generators.
Mobile Clinic
Burn Reconstruction for Children and Adults Who Have Been Severely Injured, Scarred, or Disfigured from Burn-related Injuries
Twice a year, we take Dr. Chaudhari of Friendswood, Texas, and his medical support team to Rio Bravo, Mexico, to do plastic surgeries free of charge.
Eye Surgeries
Since 2007, we have taken Dr. Greg Clariday of Clear Lake, Texas, to San Fernando and Rio Bravo, Mexico, with a team of volunteers to do free eye clinics. Hundreds of patients are screened and receive eye glasses. At each clinic, between 50 and 100 patients get cataract surgery. Many of these patients are blind before surgery and following surgery, their sight is restored.
This would not be possible without this clinic. We work in connection with the Mexican Red Cross, who gets the word out to people in very remote areas of Mexico, the poorest of the poor. They come by the busloads to see our teams.

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Builders Without Borders of Texas, Inc., is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping others help themselves by assisting with food, housing, education, and medical services to disadvantaged people locally and around the world.
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Vision Clinics
Once a month, we do vision screenings and give glasses to children in schools in Mexico. The difference this makes in a child's ability to learn in school is huge. It can mean the difference between a child completing school or dropping out. Often, no one realizes that all a child who is struggling in school needs is a pair of glasses.
We also do vision clinics for the people of Jacmel and Raymond in Haiti. Young and old come to have their vision screened and get glasses, if needed. Being able to see changes your life.
Over the years, hundreds of people have had eye surgery at our clinics.
These photos are just a few. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Children in Mexico getting screened and fitted for glasses.
Containers filled with glasses, ready for a clinic.
Our College Students in Mexico and kids at Kenbe Fem help out with our eye clinics. We believe it is important to teach them to give back in their communities.
One of our volunteers helping this lady in Haiti find the right pair of glasses.
This Haitian lady just got her new glasses. She has a habit of walking with her hand on her husband's shoulder as he led her around, because her vision was so bad for years. She can see so much better now, but this is how they are comfortable.
Update: We recently returned from Reynosa. We were able to pour a slab for the medical clinic to park and begin to open regularly as a free clinic for the community. Mexican dentists held a free dental clinic in our clinic while we were there. If you are a medical or dental professional who would like to come serve in Mexico, we would love to have you use our clinic. Just contact us!