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Kenbe Fem - Orphanage in Haiti
The cost to properly care for each child in the home is $300 a month. This provides three meals a day, clothing, medical care, and school tuition. Life in Haiti is difficult and labor intensive. All clothes are washed by hand and meals are prepared from scratch in a minimal kitchen. The city electricity is on from 3:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. each day. For the remainder of the day, when electricity is needed, it is provided by a generator, which requires the purchase of fuel to operate. School in Haiti is not free. Children who attend must pay tuition and provide their own uniforms and supplies. Transportation to school is provided by Kenbe Fem. Vehicles, fuel, and upkeep in Haiti are very expensive. Rest assured, not one penny of your donation to Kenbe Fem is wasted.

If you find it within your heart and have the ability to fully sponsor a child at $300 a month, thank you! However, any amount you give will help, whether a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation. Thank you for considering sponsoring a child. By doing so, you will change a life.
Yonel became part of the Kenbe Fem family in April of 2013, along with his little sister, Manita. He is eight year old and is enrolled in first grade. He will be working with a private tutorer to help him catch up in school. Yonel's father died in the 10210 earthquake. His mother was forced to move from their home and simply couldn't care for her two children any long. Three years later, they met the people that would forever change their lives.
Meet the children of Kenbe Fem.
Manita became a part of the Kenbe Fem family in April of 2013, along with her older brother Yonel. She is six years old and had never attended school. She is now in kindergarten and ill be working with a private tutorer to help her catch up. Manita's father was killed in the 2010 earthquake and three years later, her mother could simply no longer provide from her Manita and Yonel. Both were suffering from malnourishment and other medica/dental needs, which we have been able to take care of due to sponsors.
Djovendy is two years old and a charming little guy. He is loved and cared for by all of his brothers and sisters in the Kenbe Fem home. On any given day, you can fiind Djovandy playing with his toys or chasing the resident rooster around the yard. Yes, heliterally chases him, but has yet to be successful in actually catching him.
Vania is a bright girl who loves to study. She also enjoys playing outside. Whether she is jumping rope, playing hide and go seek, or drawing with sidewalk chalk, she loves to be outisde with her brothers and sisters. She hopes to become a doctor. "I'm in the fifth grade. I love to help in the kitchen and cook. My favorite thing to do is play with my friends."
Elinda is in the seventh grade, but don't let that fool you - She is wise beyond her years. She is a very persuastive young lady, which will serve her well in purusing her dream of becoming a lawyer. She is comfortable to speaking to anyone, anywhere, at any time. She loves to learn and is friendly to and welcoming to everyone she meets. "I'm in the seventh grade. I like to joke and laugh with my friends. I also like to listen to music and dance."
Richard is in the 12th grade. He is our resident artist. His favorite movie is "Anol".  Richard loves his country and hopes to see its infrastructure improved. He values is neighborhood and community. He enjoys painting and art, in general. He hopes to turn his passion into a career as a professional artist.
Magdaline is a young girl full of life! She loves to sing and dance with friends. She simply brings joy and happiness to th epeople aruond her. Magdaline aspires to become a doctor. Her favorite movie is "Spy Kids". "My name is Magdadline. I'm in the seventh grade. I would like to become a singer like Celine Dion. I would also like to become a pediatrician."
Toto is truly a boy's boy! He loves to play games and has a wonderful sense of humor. He hopes to one day better serve his community by becoming an engineer. Toto's favorite movie is "Batman". "I'm in the eighth grade. My favorite sport is soccer. I enjoy watching and playing soccer."
Mackenson is in his last year of high school. He loves to help out around the house whenever possible. Like most kids his age, Mackenson enjoys spending time at the beach and going to concerts with his friends. His favorite subject is math. One day, he hopes to become an engineer.
Woody is our resident comedian. He has an amazing sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. He is always making silly faces, funny noises, and telling witty jokes. He hpes to one day become a doctor, but his Kenbe Fem brothers and sisters think he would make a great comedian! "I am in the ninth grade. I would like to become both a dentist and a car mechanic."
Louevenly is one year old and is a joy to have at Kenbe Fem.
Ricardo loves to spend his days outside so he can practice his skateboarding. He is always smiling and brings joy to everyone he meets. His favorite actor is Jackie Chan. Ricardo hopes to become an eye doctor someday. "I like to joke and laugh with my friends. I practice soccer a lot, and I am getting better and better at it."
Tina is a beautiful young lady with an endless imagination and the keen ability to create amazing stories. She loves translating her stories into short plays and acting them out with her Kenbe Fem sisters. Tina hopes to become an eye doctor. Her favorite movie is Star Wars. "I'm in the sixth grade. I love to help Mama Anise with baking. I also love going to the breach and playing soccer."
Wilda just recently came joined the Kenbe Fem family. She is in the first grade and wants to be an engineer when she grows up.

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