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In September of 2004, following the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan, Builders Without Borders partnered with Christian Alliance and GR3 to provide immediate assistance. With the help of the Venezuelan and Trinidad Armies, we were able to start putting tarps on homes and high priority buildings, such as retirement homes and orphanages. Containers of food and medicines were sent by Christian Alliance. Once the supplies were unloaded and distributed, the containers were converted into living quarters for future construction and medical teams.
Home destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.
Another destroyed home.
Total destruction.
A local school in shambles.
A damaged Lutheran church.
This hovel is all that is left for a 66-year-old man and his wife. There is no roof. There is no floor. They have nothing else.
In January of 2005, Builders Without Borders of Texas built a house for a woman and her nine children. Her house had been completely obliterated by Hurricane Ivan. The house that we built is 18’x29’ with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small porch. It was built on the side of a mountain, as this is much of the terrain of the island. The entire home was built out of treated materials in order to withstand termites. The house was clipped and strapped to withstand 130 mph winds. This home should serve this family well for many years to come.
This is where Diane and her nine children were living.
The foundation for the new home.
Starting the new home.
Putting up the walls.
One of our helpers.
Working hard.
Ready for rafters.
Working on the roof.
The kitchen.
Happy faces.
Progress is being made.
Almost complete!
This is the home of a mother and her three children.
Our crew!
In December of 2005, a crew returned to Grenada. The materials for three complete houses had been shipped to the site ahead of the crew’s arrival. Within two weeks, we were able to tear down two houses, complete work on one new house, and begin another. The first house we built was for a lady with seven children. The second house was for a man who has special physical needs. In addition, we were able to set up a mission station in St. Georges. This mission station will house mission groups while they are working in Grenada.
One of the old houses that is being replaced.
Setting the posts.
Building a floor.
Raising the walls.
Almost dried in.
Our Grenadian helpers!
The beauty of Grenada.

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