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Builders Without Borders of Texas, Inc., is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping others help themselves by assisting with food, housing, education, and medical services to disadvantaged people locally and around the world.
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While on our first trip to Haiti with a medical team a few days after the January 2010 earthquake, we met incredible people from all over the world. Relationships were formed and conversations started. We continued to take teams to Haiti over the next few years for a variety of projects, from medical care to construction. We developed a deep love for Kenbe Fem, an orphanage in Jacmel. In 2014, the orphanage was in need of new leadership and sponsorship. We made the decision to take this responsibility.

At the time, Kenbe Fem was located in a rental home costing $25,000 per year. Along with Kenbe Fem came a piece of property in Raymond, just outside of Jacmel, and future plans to develop the land. Since then, we have built a new home that is owned by Kenbe Fem on the property, planted many crops, built a chicken coop, and began purchasing livestock. Our goal is to make the orphanage as self-sustaining as possible.

Future plans are to develop the land into a place that not only serves the children of Kenbe Fem well, but also serves the community of Raymond. Raymond is a very poor area of Haiti. However, it is located along the main road that runs from Jacmel to Cayes Jacmel, which gives it potential for successful development. We plan to build a team house, school, clinic, church, and businesses.

In July of 2014, the children moved into their new home. Our next project on the land is to install a water well. Right now, we have to buy all of the water that Kenbe Fem needs, and it costs hundreds of dollars each month. We are in the process of raising the funds to drill a well and install all of the necessary equipment. The total project cost is $38,000. Once complete, the well will not only provide clean and potable water for Kenbe Fem, but we also plan to install a pump where community residents can get water.
In Haiti, water that is clean and free is a luxury!
Part of the Kenbe Fem property is on the beach. It provides a beautiful and peaceful place for the children to grow up.
Crops growing at Kenbe Fem
Pictures of the new orphanage when it was under construction.
We hire local Haitians to help us on our construction projects,
which provides much needed jobs.
We built a new cistern to store water at the orphanage.