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Builders Without Borders of Texas, Inc., is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping others help themselves by assisting with food, housing, education, and medical services to disadvantaged people locally and around the world.

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It's not just about building buildings... it's about building lives.
Due to flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Blue Monkey is currently closed. We plan to rebuild and re-open in 2019. Please watch for updates!
The Poks are an elderly couple whose home was destroyed by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. For months after the storm, they were living under the tarp. Due to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we have built them a brand new "tiny house". They are SO HAPPY!
Paula is a single lady, whose home was destroyed by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. After the storm, she was living from home to home as friends were able to let her stay. We built her a brand new "tiny house". Special thank you to Tommy Overstreet for taking the lead on this build. Paula is now living in her new home!
Hurricane Harvey Rebuild - Tiny Houses
In August of 2017, our area of Texas was devastated by flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. The storm dumped over 50 inches of rain in three days., killed 88 people, damaged over 20,000 homes, of which an estimated 13,000 were completely destroyed. Federal rescue forces rescued at least 10,000 people from their homes or flooded highways. Private citizens in their boats rescued an unknown number of additional victims. The storm left nearly 40,000 people living in shelters and 15,000 ended up in long-term temporary housing. In September, 8,000 families were living in hotels. In addition to homes, many small business were flooded. Our resale store, whose funding supported a significant portion of our education programming, was filled with nearly four feet of water.

With the support of many donors and volunteers, we have been able to help many families get back into their homes by cleaning out flooded homes, providing insulation, sheetrock, and flooring. In January, we began identifying people who had total home losses and are good candidates to receive "tiny homes". These are mostly elderly, ill, single or two-people families. In March, we built the first of these homes. The homes are engineered and windstorm (WPI8) certified. They are built several feet off of the ground to insure protection from future floods. The cost to build a "tiny house" is $20,000. We have identified 14 families that are a good match for a "tiny house".

Volunteers have been steadily coming to help us build. We have over 500 volunteers scheduled to join us this summer.
We will continue building as long as we have funds available, but we need your help.
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We have a big need for financial support for our children's home as well as the Les Joie School in Haiti.

Think your donation won't make a difference? Meet Yonel. Pictured above on the left is how Yonel looked when we found him abandoned in the mountains of Haiti in 2013. At that time, he barely spoke, suffered from malnutrition, and had never been to school. He was six years old. Pictured on the right, is two years after Yonel came to live in our home. He his healthy, strong, intelligent and a joy to know. He finishes at the top of his class every year and is making plans for a bright future!
Thank you for helping Jasmin!
We recently put a request on Facebook asking for help to pay for four-year-old Jasmin's surgery. This little guy was in a pain and suffering. Our friends responded. Jasmin now has medication for his pain and is scheduled for surgery on April 20th!
Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us have Christmas with the children at Kenbe Fem last month. With your donations, each child received a bag full of small gifts and candies and got to decorate and eat Christmas cookies. We ate a big pot of American-style spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, and lots of Kraft parmesan cheese! We left them with turkeys, hams, brisket and vegetables to enjoy on Christmas Day.
We also want to say thank you to those of you who have supported our efforts throughout the past year. We know that you have many options when it comes to giving of your time and your money, so we are truly humbled and thankful when you choose to support us and those we serve.

We wish each of you and happy and blessed 2019!
Demolition and new home construction are underway for Mr. G and Mr. B in Alvin. Both are men with disabilities whose homes were total losses due to Hurricane Harvey. We are demolishing what is left of the existing houses and building both men brand new homes.
This month, we welcome AmeriCorps NCCC Class 25 Water Four Team! They will be living at our Alvin facilities until April while doing full-time Harvey relief work in Brazoria County.