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It’s not just about building buildings.
Builders Without Borders of Texas is an organization that is dedicated to BUILDING LIVES.
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Haiti is in an emergency humanitarian crisis. This picture was taken a few days ago of men who are literally starving to death in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti. A few years ago, we had a water well drilled on our property in Raymond and were blessed to reach potable water. The well provides clean water to our children's home and two schools. Click the "Help Now" link to see a video of the reaction of the children at our children's home when the well was first operating. Such joy over something we take for granted every day! People in the local community have been coming to get water during the years, as well. Recent events have led to an immediate life and death situation. Frantzo has been using the children's home's passenger van to deliver as much water from our well as he can to people who are too far to walk to the property to get it and carry it back, but the need has become much greater than what he can do with the van. We need to purchase a delivery truck to get water out to the most destitute. We can purchase a truck for $50,000. Please help Please give.