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Over the years, we have built homes and schools and provided immediate disaster relief and long-term rebuild and recovery assistance to thousands of people in MexicoHaiti, and the USA.

Disaster recovery in the United States has been a big part of us since the beginning. From hurricanes and tornadoes to flooding, we have provided help to people in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Our work in Mexico between 2004 and 2009 resulted in the construction of a high school in Carbonera, a fishing village in Tamaulipas, Mexico's poorest state. That school is called COBAT 21 La Carbonera. It has taken on a life of its own and is now self-sustaining.
Annually since 2008, we have coordinated an eye surgery clinic in Mexico that has restored sight to thousands of people in Tamaulipas. Without these clinics, these people would have lived out their lives blind.

In 2010, within a week of the January 12 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people and left many seriously injured and homeless, we coordinated and took a medical team from the USA to Haiti. This team worked alongside medical professionals from around the world and played a crucial role in saving lives at Haitian Community Hospital in Port-au-Prince. While there, we visited Jacmel. As a result, in 2013, we built a permanent home for Kenbe Fem, a children’s home in Raymond. Since then, we have built an elementary school and a high school. The need is so great in Haiti and we believe that we are having a big impact there. Haiti is currently our main focus and is what will be most prominent on our web and social media sites. If you would like to know more about what we have done in other places, click on the highlighted links above.

It's not just about building buildings. It's about building lives.
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These joyful sounds are from children at Kenbe Fem, our children's home in Raymond, Haiti. The video was taken in 2016 when we installed a water well that provides clean, potable water to Kenbe Fem and our two schools. 

In 2021, because of generous donors, we bought the truck in the photo below. In addition to picking up food to feed the children at our schools a daily hot meal, the truck is used to deliver water from the well to people in the community and local jails. Without this water, many of these people would not survive.
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BWBT was established in 2004. We believe that everyone is a loved and cherished child of God. We believe that everyone deserves the basic life necessities of food, clean water, shelter, healthcare, and the opportunity to receive a formal education. We believe in giving to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We do not take lightly our responsibility to be good stewards of the gifts that we are given and to use those gifts where we believe we will have the greatest and most positive impact on the lives of others.
Our web site is currently being updated. Some pages are under construction and will be back up soon. Thank you for your patience!